jungle playdough – Introducing the playdough to your toddler for a great sensory learning and fine motor skills

jungle playdough

Today we are using the playdough we made yesterday. Click playdough recipe for more details.

Playdough brings out the fun and creativity in your kids, there are open ended games great for hands on, sensory learning. The first very basic game with the playdough consists of introducing the texture to just squeeze and poke . We are all sensory creatures, especially kids they use all their senses when learning something new.

Introducing playdough to your kids can start from age of 15 months. At this age they are not able to create shapes yet, so don’t expect your baby to grab it and start playing. It’s a bit disappointing in the beginning, he can throw it or reject it. Nady was giving me faces and keep on throwing it! You need a gentle introduction, that’s why putting his favorite toys with it can help for more fun.

Nady is learning colors and animals. Jungle playdough is a great fun idea for his first experience.

jungle playdough

We started by creating the jungle and introducing the animals one by one inserting their legs in the playdough!

jungle playdough

Adding some broccoli trees created a realistic atmosphere. As said Nady likes to taste everything, and he loves broccoli!

jungle playdough

Poking sticks in the playdough was so much fun we used popsicle sticks. It’s a great way to encourage his motor skills.

jungle playdough

jungle playdough

We were shaping balls for him to poke with the sticks.

jungle playdough

Mommy loves playdough too! It’s important to talk while playing and introducing new words like squeeze, poke, naming the colors or the things around us. Nady loves the music, we were singing all the time too 🙂

jungle playdough

jungle playdough

Daddy decided to introduce the legos as well (his favourite).

jungle playdough

First he was showing him how to print the lego pattern then he filled them with the playdough and Nady was trying to take it out.

jungle dough

jungle playdoughThis way we extended more the fun, and we all participated in the play!

jungle playdough

When you decide to introduce playdough to your baby or toddler, just make sure it’s safe and at a right pace without pushing too fast.

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