creative easter eggs – bunnies, carrots and chicks

Coloring eggs should be fun when you have kids. Just normal dyeing is not enough to impress my boy. we need creative ideas? and that’s how it started…

Bunnies, carrots and chicks and let the fun begin!

Dye the eggs with orange to make the carrots.

orange eggs

Then cut papers from different shades of green (to look realistic) as medium thin strips to make the carrots stems. I used wax gun to stick them.

carrot stem

And the carrots are ready.


Now we want bunnies to eat those carrots. No need to color the eggs, white is perfect. Cut out two big and two small ovals for the ears.

Click bunny ears to download a high resolution file.


The nose is a small pompom bought ready made (for people in qatar you can buy it from daiso). Draw eyes and moustache with a black marker.

bunny egg

And the family bunnies found the carrots!

family bunnies

Adding chicks made the whole thing so cool. 3 easy steps to follow:

  • color blue eggs
  • stick yellow triangle for the nose
  • 2 black dots for the eyes

Then i realized there should be a male chick! Small rectangular cuts on a red paper and the comb is done!



I like the egg carton color, so why not use it for the decoration?!

set up

Final outcome! Brilliant! Am sure adults as kids will love this.Can you feel the spring? Am sure now you’re all excited for easter 🙂

table set

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5 responses to “creative easter eggs – bunnies, carrots and chicks

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  2. I am happy to read it. Have a beautiful day 🙂


  3. Loving it! This calls for a workshop. I wanna learn 🙂


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