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DIY Palm Sunday candle-letters

palm sunday candle:initials|marmite et ponpon

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. I am in love with this candle, a very simple design yet classy and attractive. A nice ribbon selection and the initial of your kid’s name, et voila a beautiful candle.

palm sunday candle :initials|marmite et ponpon

The selection of ribbons is very important when you’re decorating the candle. If you made a bad choice it will make it look cheap and poor, but if well chosen, you can only put ribbons without any motif. It’s really tricky!

Follow me step by step to make a similar candle:

Very easy and quick job! Don’t forget my golden rule; For a nice outcome you should put your heart in it. Everything looks perfect when done with love ❤

palm sunday candle : initials|marmite & ponpon

palm sunday candle:initials|marmite & ponpon

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