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Blotto art – foster your kid’s imagination

blotto artA fun art project that always allured kids with its surprise element. What is really fascinating about blotto art is that each time your kids reveal a new painting; No two are ever the same.

To create a blotto painting:

  • fold a white paper in half,
  • open it to put drops of  paint in the center,
  • close it again and rub gently the paper to help spread the paint
  • and finally open it to reveal your surprise blotto art!

blotto artUnfolding the paper was really fun! The look of surprise on Nady’s face was priceless. Each time and before revealing the painting, he was trying to imagine what it looks like. We did so many and it was hard to stop this project, Nady showed full admiration.

blotto artblotto artblotto artIt’s a great fun project to fire your kids imagination. After revealing the final blotto paint, ask your kiddo what he can see and enjoy their creative imagination.

All parents should favor the imagination of their children and feed this power. It’s like revealing the natural genius in them. A child with a good imagination is a happy child. He is more alert and present ability to cope with life’s changes, and more likely to grow into a secure adult.

Imagination ignites the forces of creativity in your children. A creative child, is not necessary growing into an artist adult. Creative people see things in different ways and find solutions to problems others might miss. Problem solving and innovative thinking begins with the power of imagination. Leaders are creative people!Back to our blotto project, to extend the fun we decided to add objects to the paintings after giving them identity. We enjoyed sticking wiggling eyes, feathers, pompoms…

blotto artblotto artLeave the freedom of imagination to your kids, don’t force a yellow spot to be the sun, sit back and watch him spark his brain to forge imagination pathways of its own.

The first few years are really important for your children mental development, expose your toddlers to new experiences especially the pretend play to help them grow up as problem solvers.

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