Fun straw painting

fun straw art| marmite et ponpon

Blow the paint with a straw to make spiky hair! Super fun art, doesn’t require brush skills but a straw and lots of enjoyment. It’s an activity that involves humor, your kids will love blowing spiky hair on their own head (image).

All you need is watercolors, straw and a picture of your kid’s face. Drop small amounts of watered paint and let your kid enjoy blowing it into different directions.

fun straw art |marmite et ponpon

fun straw art | marmite et ponpon

straw art |Marmite et ponpon

The more they blow the longer the line is. Turn the paper in all directions so the hair looks crazy. Use all the colors you have for a beautiful outcome.

straw art | Marmite et ponpon

fun straw art|marmite et ponpon

straw art|Marmite et ponpon

There is no time or end for this activity, the more they blow colors the bigger the hair is. Leave them the freedom to choose when to stop. It was really a fun play, there was lots of laughs and giggles. Nady really enjoyed it and loved how his hair looked at the end.

straw art |Marmiteetponpon

straw art | Marmiteetponpon

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