DIY Palm Sunday candle-baby frog

baby frog palm sunday candle |marmite et ponpon

A perfect candle for a 7 months boy, simple and attractive. I made it for my baby Joud, it’s his first palm Sunday to celebrate and i am looking forward to see him enjoying this little cute frog! I am sure the first thing he will do is to take it off 🙂

Follow me step by step to DIY this candle:

It’s very easy and ready in no time, doesn’t require craft skills and the outcome is amazing. I love this candle, so cute!

baby frog palm sunday candle|marmite & ponpon Choose the ribbon colors to go with the motif, in case you want to put another animal. Don’t hesitate to make your children’s candle, you don’t have to be a professional craft person, just put your heart in it and they will love it!

baby frog - palm Sunday candle|marmite & ponpon

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