Pencil control improvement – High res printables

pencil improvement activities |marmite et ponpon

A fun tracing activity for your 2-4 years toddlers to help them develop pencil control and promote writing readiness. I’ve included 3 sheets, starting with horizontal lines. I will be posting later additional sheets for vertical lines. As your kids show improvement you can move gradually to more complicated shapes as zigzag, curves, circles….

pencil improvement activities |marmite et ponpon

Click on horizontal lines practice sheets, to download the high resolution files. Your kids will love these fun exercises, you will help them improve their pencil control to be ready for writing at a later stage. This exercise also helps in developing your kids concentration and improves their eye hand coordination. Teach them the right way to hold the pencil while having fun. It’s always good to work at home in parallel with the school. It’s a matter of 10-15 mns that will help a lot.

They can first start by tracing the lines, and later on do it without following the dots.

You can laminate the sheets for many times usage. Write with a marker and wipes it off when done and use it again and again!

pencil improvement activities |marmite et ponpon

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