Surprise post wishing my super wife a happy birthday


This is an unconventional post on this blog… usually Jaymmy posts about food, crafts, kids activities with a rich vocabulary and smooth flow. I am not that type of person, my writing skills and my style suck, so it is a pre apology for the readers, if you carry on reading, you are not getting the same quality, you are used to on this page.

But I am keen on writing it, to put the light and bang the drums to the effort put behind every post and to wish my wonderful wife and marmite et ponpon a super happy birthday.

I am proud of her, she’s the one who prepares, takes pictures, write and post, and I am in the backstage, trying to entertain our precious son Nady so that she’s able to put it together and frankly I don’t know where and how she finds time to keep on doing what she’s doing with the kid, the work, the house. . . sometimes I feel that her day is 26 and even 30 hours.

I can’t but appreciate her skills, am sure by now you realize that she’s perfectionist. She’s perfectionist in every single thing she does , from washing the dishes, to meticulously choosing Nady’s books and videos, to doing his customized Palm Sunday candle, to decorating the house, to delivering creative and high quality outcome at work, . . . and this is exhausting!

We have our stress and pressure our ups and downs, our achievements and deceptions, but luckily so far we are managing to get out of our hard times solider and stronger!


On this special occasion,  i want to wish you my Jaymmy a super happy birthday, and i want to tell you that you are more than just the wife, the friend, the travel companion, the cook, the flat mate… you are the love I always dreamed of, and our Nady is one lucky boy to have you as a mom!

Happy birthday to Marmite et ponpon as well, I know I got you extra work on your last birthday but I don’t regret it! I still believe that what you naturally do is worth being shared!!

I am sure that you will criticize my English and my writing skills 🙂  But I will enjoy it…

Happy birthday… super Jay! I love you, and will always be by your side! We make a great family with Nady! We will make even a greater one with our little Joud coming on the way, yes we are expecting a new member in the team!

Happy birthday… keep it up!!

18 responses to “Surprise post wishing my super wife a happy birthday

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  2. ohhhhh it’s verryyyy touching
    Happy birthday ma petite

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  3. Sigh, sigh, sigh… Antoun your post put a giant smile on my face. So thank you for that. And obviously we have you to thank for the creation of this amazing blog. If I had to pay a riyal for every time I cooked one of Jay’s recipe or made one of her crafts, I’d be broke by now. You know how to love and you love hard. Jay is one lucky gal!
    On to you my little biquette. I don’t need to wish you love. You have hit the jackpot in that department but I will wish you a thousand years of health and happiness.
    Maya Angelou said that people tend to forget what you said or what you did but they don’t forget how you made them feel. I can relate to that coz you make me feel good and strong. I am forever thankful for your friendship.
    Ok now can we eat some cake?

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  4. Jayy happy bday dear 🙂 :)It is true that many are your gifts ..A heart that knows love, a soul that knows joy, a spirit that knows giving ! I wish you the strength to keep going, and doing what you do best, to keep trusting in you and your ability to move forward after each set back, Stay determined, creative and free cz that’s what makes you so special ❤ ❤ ❤

    Antoun Loved your post, it is soo touching 🙂
    We are so excited our family is getting bigger !!

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  5. Awwww this post brought tears to my eyes!! Happy birthday jaymmy and congrats for the new baby!! There’s nothing keeping a mother going like the appreciation of her husband.. good job Antoun!
    Have a blast both of you on this special day.. 🙂

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  6. what a beautiful surprise habibi, very thoughtful! How can i judge your writing am overwhelmed with these beautiful sentiments you’re sharing! i live on your support and love. nady is so proud of his father. LOVE always xx


  7. WOW! 1 more lucky baby! 😀 CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

    Jaymmy you are a wonderful person and I thought I was the only one who wonders how do you get time for all your activities!
    Have an amazing great birthday and enjoy it!

    Antoun let me tell you that your post is so lovely and touching… but yeah Jaymmy will have her comments anyway! 😛

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    • jojo my beautiful friend, thank you for being a faithful reader to this blog, thank you for your sweet words that really means to me a lot. I wish you a beautiful life ahead, i see roses and hearts in the background 🙂 if i am guessing right then i am so so delighted for you. love you xx


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