Endless reasons i love you…


It’s so important to tell your children “I love you” everyday. Knowing that they are loved unconditionally, develops their secure attachment to you. Strong closeness to the family will lead no doubt to positive relationships in adulthood and high self esteem.


We celebrate love everyday at home, I never miss a chance to express my love to my precious son (verbally or by actions)  and for this valentines i decided to put the reasons i love him in written words on cutout hearts to celebrate love.


I know many of you stopped celebrating valentines for how commercial it became. Don’t lose faith in this beautiful occasion and teach your children about love in deep and expressive ways.


It won’t take too much of your time. Cut a big circle of styrofoam then a smaller one within to make it look like a hoop. Wrap it with colorful ribbons (or paper, whatever you have available at home). Cut out heart shaped papers. I attached to you an A3 paper with many drawn hearts. Click hearts to download the file.

how to do

Enjoy writing on the hearts the many and endless reasons why you love your children then stick them on the hoop.



Hang it on their bedroom door as a wreath or simply on the wall as a frame. This is Nady’s wreath of love written by papa Antoun and I. We will be reading it to him for now…


If your children are old enough to write, you can get them involved in the game and stretch it for a longer time. Ask them to write the reasons they love you too and play this mutual love game starting a week ahead, hanging everyday one heart from each, until valentines day when you have a full wreath.

By the way, it’s not just for kids! Do it to your significant other and let love flourishes in your hearts and homes!



Don’t forget that love is not only words, it should be followed by actions, and the most important the presence. Be present for your kids, in love, protection and service. Happy valentines xx



6 responses to “Endless reasons i love you…

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  3. It’s raining hearts hallelujah, très beau post ma chérie, i will not miss it.
    Love is everywhere,i can see it in your lovely home.

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  4. Your great family is one of a kind ! Our love to you all 🙂
    Happy Valentine’s Day ❤ ❤ ❤


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