Easter bunny burlap bunting – Crafts for little hands

Easter bunny burlap buntingSpring has officially started so now let’s hop in Easter mood! Meaning it’s time to start our DIY home decoration. This year i am using burlap (jute) as a main element.

Crafting with my son is becoming even more fun as he grows up. He shows more interest and skills which makes me happy and proud. Not just that, he has an opinion too!

We started with a colorful bunting. First you need to cut out burlap triangles. Cut as much as you need and the convenient size, so when attached together, it makes the bunting length you want. Nady chose blue and green paint to make dots on the triangles with his tiny finger. You can use textile paint or acrylic paint.

IMG_4443My little man is becoming so independent, he refused any assistance! I was just sitting, watching and taking pictures!

burlap dottingWhen all done, leave them couple of hours to dry. In our case we left them overnight to extend more the fun!

IMG_4449Next step we used different colors of felt to cut bunny shapes. If you don’t have felt, choose any textile available. Crafts should be fun and entertaining not energy consuming. Enjoy this precious time with your little ones and make the most of it to be instructive too.

burlap rabbit buntingStick on each triangle a bunny. Click on bunny to download a high resolution file, you can adjust the size of the bunny depending on how big you want it.

Now bunnies need tails. The favorite part for nady. He loves pompoms! you can find pompoms everywhere in our house, even in the fridge! Yes in the fridge near the yogurt his favorite snack!

IMG_4464He was so excited using the glue alone without my help! The most phrase i heard in this craft was “tout seul maman”! (all alone maman). I remember last year when we did a bunny garland i was introducing a lot of new words that i was hearing this time gracefully. Kids grow up fast!

IMG_4466We had so much fun and it was a good exercise developing the fine motor skills and improving his vocabulary.

Use a thread or ribbon to attach the triangles next to each other.  Hang the bunting and enjoy 🙂

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8 responses to “Easter bunny burlap bunting – Crafts for little hands

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  2. We love you too 💕


  3. we love you too 💕


  4. Of course we loved this post, specially the work of our future artist.
    love you both 🙂

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  5. Very cute! I love bunnies….

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  6. Nady is soo dedicated to his work 😉 and the result is super nice ❤ ❤

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