thyme goat cheese and bake rolls salad

Salads are so versatile, can be served at any point during the meal, they can be appetizers, side dish or even a main dish! All i can say, salads and summer go really well; light, nutritious and refreshing. Go as much creative as you wish, mix the ingredients that you like, drizzle your favorite dressing and enjoy!

Thyme goat cheese and bake rolls salad is so easy to adapt and takes less than 10 minutes!

  • lettuce of your choice (i used frisé)
  • avocado
  • tomato
  • black olives
  • bake rolls
  • and of course the goat cheese, i cut them in slices and dipped them in dry thyme

Lemon mayo dressing tastes beautiful with it!

thyme goat cheese and bake rolls salad

Did you know that the ancient greeks used thyme in their baths and burnt it as incense in their temples, believing it was a source of courage?