Liebster award

liebster awardI woke up yesterday to see that marmite et ponpon is nominated by the fashion blogger Karen, clumsy chic for a liebster award. German word “liebster” means dearest, lovely, valued, endearing. It’s an award given to discover new bloggers and bang the drum for them. Thank you Karen Nicolet for the nomination. Don’t hesitate to follow her, i am sure clumsy chic will be one of your references to fashion and travel. The rules are:

  • Answer the questions of the blogger that nominated you
  • Link back to the blogger who awarded you.
  • Nominate 2 other bloggers to pass on the award to.

I will start by answering the questions and at the end you will find my nominations.

1- If your blog had a personality how would you describe it?

Jaymmy as is! spontaneous, creative, fun and loving!

2- Where do you get your inspirations from for your posts?

For food posts, usually i get inspired from friends, family, restaurants, other food blogs and my travels. It goes like this; i like a dish in a restaurant or at friends lunch or i read a recipe that gets me excited, i search for the ingredients and techniques then i adapt it to my own taste without following a particular recipe. For arts and crafts posts, i come from an artistic background, it’s not just a gift, it was supported by years of studies. My original work is a creative director. Lately i should mention my son became my inspiration.

3- What’s your favorite quote?

“We don’t do big things, we do small things with great love” for mother teresa.

4- Who’s your favorite cook?

I like jamie oliver, martha stewart and nigella lawson and my mom who is the greatest cook to my heart.

5- If you have magic powers what are the 3 things you would do?

  • I would keep my “famil(ies)” healthy and happy around me
  • i would travel the world with my Antoun and my Nady
  • i would eat anything i like, the quantity i want without gaining weight

6- What was the best craft you did so far? I can’t say the best one but three, they hold so much feelings and memories, and made me discover how much Nady has inherited from my artistic skills.

7- If you could give an advice to another blogger, what would it be?

Strong content is ultimately the most important thing. Be yourself and give it time (Blogging experts say you need to blog for at least one year before expecting to see significant growth). Focus on the quality of the post and use nice pictures.

At the end, i pass this forward to the fashion lover and beauty fanatic Maya, playing with fashion and to the dedicated Najib from blog baladi the famous Lebanese blog.

Reindeer advent calendar DIY

reindeer advent calendar

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen, the flying reindeers leading Santa Claus sleigh will surprise you with a treat everyday :)

I know it’s not the time to start the countdown, but if you are willing to do your Advent Calendar by yourself as we did, you will need to prepare for it. Anyways it’s in three days.

So easy and fun to do. A great way to introduce Christmas to your toddler and live the fun of the season everyday. You will need:

  • 25 beige paper (200gsm) not too thick. you decide on the size depending how big you want to make the cone head
  • brown felt to do the antlers, i used approx. quarter meter. If you can’t find felt, use any thick paper to let the antlers stand.
  • 25 red pompoms for the nose
  • 50 wiggling eyes
  • red thread
  • 25 clothspins
  • numbers from 1-24, click here to print the file
  • UHU liquid glue, and UHU patafix to fix the clothspins on the wall

how to do reindeerreindeer antlersAs the step by step above picture shows, create a cone very similar to the popcorn one. stick the eyes and nose, better say let your child enjoy sticking them in the right place! Cut the antlers and stick them (i used the UHU liquid glue), make two holes on both sides to insert the red thread. The last thing to do, stick the numbers on the clothspin and attach it to the thread.

advent calendar for christmasAttach them on the wall in tree shape from 1 to 24. I used UHU patafix to not spoil the paint. You can hang them on a wire (thread) next to each other if your plan is not to fix them on the wall.

Let the countdown begin!

advent calendar with nadyadvent calendar reindeeradvent calendar with candiesI kept the last 2 rows empty, Nady has always his new games and rules, he was enjoying hiding his small toys. Anyways we won’t be here to use them, didn’t i mention we are going home to celebrate Christmas with our family??! Yes, we are and can’t wait!

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Napkin folding christmas tree

christmas tree napkin foldChristmas eve dinner with the family is one of the traditions! Since we got married we managed (so far) to celebrate Christmas eve with both families together back home. This is what i call joy comes in a bundle!

Dressing the table for the occasion is so fun. Everything is fun about Christmas, i know i am saying this in each post, but what to do, dear Christmas i love you so much!

Origami, this art of folding, always allured me ! I love how you can transform a flat sheet into a 3D shape, any shape!! Here is a step by step tutorial to know how to fold a napkin into Christmas tree shape.

how to do-christmas napkin fold

You can leave it like this:

napkin fold as christmas treeOr you can add an ornament on top, could be a star, bell or Santa hat like i did!

christmas tree napkin.fold

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Handmade Christmas tree ornaments- crafts for tiny hands

handmade christmas tree ornamentsChristmas is my favorite holiday; so joyful, festive and special for what it represents. When you say Christmas you immediately think of the decorated trees, shopping for gifts, lights, beautiful decorations, happy family gatherings, jingle bells, yummy food, midnight mass, visiting friends and family, kids waiting for Santa… and by the way my husband proposed to me on the Christmas eve! I always thought it can’t get better until my love Nady was born, he became the Christmas and the joy of the family! I admit that kids take Christmas to another level of feelings to discover that happiness is a small word to what you actually feel. He changed the whole concept and added more magic and excitement to this season. This year, we are decorating the house together, and specifically the tree. Handmade ornaments with salt dough!  I love when he is involved in the crafts, it’s a quality and fun time together! Mon amour d’artiste! christmas tree with handmade ornaments:nadychristmas tree with handmade ornaments 3christmas tree with handmade ornaments 2Very simple craft, doesn’t require a lot of ingredients and the outcome is wow! With just flour, salt and water you can do these beautiful ornaments! Mix:

  • 1 cup flour
  • 1/2 cup salt
  • 1/2 cup water

and knead until smooth. If your dough is still crumbly you can add more water, or if it’s sticky you can add flour, you can always correct flour and water to get the consistency you want. Add coloring gel to the dough or paint it later if your kids are old enough to create designs on them. I love working with this dough, it’s so versatile; you can bake it for 15-20 mns on 200ºC or leave it to air dry for 2 days, if you are using decorations that can’t be baked. If you are leaving it to air dry i suggest to flip it after one day. For instance, we used colorful plastic pieces to decorate the tree shape ornament, and kept it to dry without baking. handmade tree ornament 2Nady was so happy rolling the dough, cutting, and poking the colored plastic bits. Grand garcon (big boy). He got so excited, he sat on the table! handmade tree ornament 1This is how they look on the tree after they dry! handmade tree ornament 3The sky is the limit, you can do any Christmas related shape you want! handmade star ornament 1We used a straw to make the small hole, where we inserted a golden thread to be able to hang it on the tree. handmade star ornament 2handmade star ornament 3After baking these stars, i brushed them with little oil for a shiny look! We used the whole set of Christmas cookies cutters, so we did many shapes! handmade ornaments varietyhandmade cane ornamenthandmade ginger man ornamenthandmade bell ornamentAnd finally the colorful Christmas balls! I loved the outcome, the color blend makes you happy :) handmade balls ornaments 2You can be as much creative as you want, all depending on the material you have and the age of your kids. You can paint, use glitter, beads, pompoms……Let them unleash the artist inside them! handmade balls ornaments 1handmade balls ornament 3These ornaments last for years if well stored in a dry container and not exposed to moisture in any way. Et voila our beautiful Christmas tree for the year 2014, done by Nady and the help of maman. 3a2bel kel seneh! This is how we wish you (in arabic) a long life to celebrate more christmases in the coming years. christmas tree with handmade ornamentOne month until Christmas, it’s never early to start celebrating, We did! What about you, did we put you in the mood?! If you like this post give it some likes and shares to spread the joy. Don’t forget to like marmite et ponpon facebook page. More posts yet to come, stay tuned!

So pretty to eat – elegant apple rose tart

apple rose tartApple rose tart are perfect for an elegant dessert and so easy to do. This was more of a technique than a recipe, that’s why i created a step by step unmistakable  scheme.

First you need to have:

  • one big red apple
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • 3 tbsp water
  • 1 cup flour sifted
  • 50g butter

how to do apple rose tart- Wash and cut the apple in half. Remove the core and slice each half  (2-3mm thickness for each slice). Put the slices in a pot and add the honey, sugar and water. Cook for 5 minutes on a medium heat. Take out the slices to cool, but don’t get rid of the syrup, we will use them in the dough.

- To prepare the dough, mix the flour, butter and 4 tbsp of the syrup. knead until the dough becomes smooth. Roll out and cut in strips of 2.5 cm width and 25 cm length.

- Place on each strip 5-6 slices of the cooked apple, and roll it up. It will make around 8 small tarts, you can easily double the recipe if you want more.

apple rose tarts

- Bake in the oven (180°C) for 15-18 minutes. Take it out, brush with honey and serve! If you are a cinnamon lover you can also sprinkle some on top with the honey.

With few ingredients always available at home, you can make this elegant dessert. They were so tempting that i was eating them in my mind while preparing them.

apple-rose tartI am sure you will wow your guest if you are doing them for a special occasion. They are too romantic as well…. am i giving you ideas now?! Don’t hesitate to try them now.